Social solidarity is a rebranded form of social distancing that serves to kick fear and negative emotions out the window and invite positive feelings. It entails collective and conscious social actions aimed at the protection of everyone. That includes your parents, grandparents, friends and neighbors.

Studies have suggested that one person infected with coronavirus can transmit the virus to approximately 2.5 people. If one person transmits the infection to an average of 2.5 people, and those 2.5 people each transmit to another 2.5, these numbers can multiply into hundreds more within weeks. This graphic shows that by limiting our physical interactions, we can exponentially limit the amount of people infected by the virus. Showing social solidarity, by limiting physical interactions is our best bet to flatten the curve and reduce the spread of this virus. This doesn’t mean that you can’t connect with your loved ones and friends anymore. In fact, we urge you to check on everyone you know and care about

Let’s all commit to the following:
  1. If you can, stay home as much as possible. We know this is a privilege not everyone has and we’re appreciative of everyone currently helping to keep society running.
  2. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds if you've touched anyone or any surface.
  3. Reach out to friends, family, neighbors or acquaintances during these difficult times. Humans are social creatures and if you're like us here at Moors & Saints, you have a need to connect with people on a meaningful level. Please reach out to people through video and regular calls as much as you can. Send them funny videos, soothing music and virtual hugs.
  4. If you're operational with mild COVID-19 symptoms, you can relieve your symptoms if you:
    • Rest up and sleep
    • Stay warm
    • Drink plenty of liquids
    • Use a room humidifier or take a hot shower to help ease a sore throat and cough

Healthcare professionals are urging us to do this so we do not crowd hospitals and take away the hospitalization opportunity for someone else who might be severely more threatened and more immuno-compromised. Most people (about 80%) recover from the disease without needing special treatment. That said, if you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing please seek medical attention. You can find more information on the WHO website.

We are sending you a big loving virtual hug right now! Stay safe. Stay golden and we will get through this temporary crisis TOGETHER.

Maintain physical & mental health

Exercise from home:

Dance Body DXB: Our founder’s favorite local workout program has moved online offering some free classes both on the website and on Instagram. Dancing with Gbemi, Ewa or Nelita will immediately lift you up!

Pop Sugar Fitness offers more than 500 workouts for free! All you have to do is go on youtube.

Glo: Free online yoga, meditation and pilates workouts.

Workout for Women app: We use this app and we love it. It’s simple and doesn’t require any equipment. Plus, they make it super easy to get in a 7-minute workout.

Yoga with Adriene offers amazing free yoga classes on YouTube, and is welcoming to all abilities and body types.

This article from Glamour lists 31 of the best free fitness apps to try.

Ryan Heffington, a well-known dance choreographer in LA, is leading scheduled dance parties on IG Live for folks who are quarantined.

Virtual therapy/counseling:



If you can’t afford therapy right now, we recommend following our friend Sarah Lewis who’s hosting live Instagram guided meditations, trainings as well as a free Release and Rise Program and many more resources available on her website.

Meditation apps:




Here to the rescue!

We see you super-parents who are overwhelmed now that the kids are home 24/7. Some of you might even be single and taking care of little ones without the support of family members or babysitters while also managing the added stress, uncertainty and anxiety of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have compiled a list of resources to keep the kids engaged and we will continue will continue to update it. Call us kids but we have been known to do some of these activities, so you can definitely join your kids while they are at it!

Art Therapy & Coloring: Download Moorish inspired patterns here, print them and allow yourself and your little ones to be as creative as possible with color combinations. Once you’re done, you can frame/ hang your child/ children’s artworks which will boost their self-confidence. Children typically get validation from school or extra0curricular activities so it’s crucial to feed them compliments and supportive energy during these challenging times.

Marshmallow Geometrics: This guide (by Rachelle Rosenblit) will show you how to use things you probably already have at home such as Marshmallows and tooth-picks to create different geometric shapes. Use this opportunity to teach them new words or to hold a competition around the best marshmallow structure/ design. Then, allow them to speak about their design and why they made it. Oh, and you can totally replace tooth-picks with crayons or marshmallows with play-dough.

Advanced Marshmallow Geometrics: You’re the best judge of your children’s capabilities, so if you think they need to be challenged more, download this version of the activity and apply the guidelines above.