Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Moors & Saints mean? 

Moors & Saints represents both our inspiration and our values. The word “Moors” stands for the diverse community of North-Africans who ruled and built thriving civilizations in the Maghreb, Spain, Portugal, Malta and Sicily. This word has also been used in the past to discriminate against black and brown skinned North-Africans, so by reclaiming it for a creative company rooted in celebrating the cultural heritage of North-Africa & Andalusia, we are hoping to re-dignify and celebrate communities that have long been misrepresented. 

“Saints” represents not only the sacred aspect of the architectural spaces we derive our designs from but also the fact that every one of our customers contributes to our social impact missions which support the empowerment of young women and girls, promoting interfaith dialogue and tolerance, as well as preserving the environment through a sustainable business model. 

Do you make custom sizes or custom materials?

We make custom sizes and can use custom materials subject to availability. We can also design a specific piece or a special collection for any important life event such as engagements or graduations as well as for hotels and corporations who are keen on incorporating the design and aesthetics of physical sites such as a city or a sacred space into their events. 

Do you make engravings? 

Yes! At check out, you will have the option to add your initials or a small word that is special to you. All words can only be engraved in latin letters at the moment. 

How long will it take to deliver a custom order? 

Local orders: If your order needs to be delivered in Dubai and is available at the time of your online order, it will be delivered to you on the same day. If you order from Abu Dhabi or other emirates, your package will be shipped the next day and should be with you within 2 days of your order. 

International Orders: Once shipped, orders for the Gulf region will take 3-4 days for delivery, while orders for North-Africa and Europe will take approximately 4-6 days and those for the rest of the world will take 8-10 days. 

-Custom orders take approximately one week per piece for production. 

-In some cases, we may not be able to deliver to your country due to either economic sanctions or political instability, in which case we deeply apologize and pray you are safe. 

-Once your order ships, you will receive a confirmation email from us detailing how you can track your shipment. 

Do you have a physical store? 

No, we are purely based online. We have an office at Dubai Design District which you are more than welcome to visit once you schedule an appointment through 

Do you take cash or card on delivery? 

Yes we do! 

Do you do plated jewelry? Why not? 

We do not for the simple reason that the methods that are available to us in this country are not safe for workers.


How can I take care of Moors & Saints jewelry? 

We send you your jewelry in a beautiful soft millennial pink pouch and an elegant reusable box with different storage options for your jewelry. Please keep it all stored in those two when you’re not wearing it. Sterling silver is bound to get discolored as it reacts with oxygen so either keep it tightly stored away. Otherwise, if it starts to change color, use sterling silver cleaners which are available in drug stores and online. You can use a linen or soft cotton cloth to wipe your jewelry. Also, don’t mix up your Moors & Saints jewelry with fashion jewelry or with other pieces to avoid scratches. 

How do I find out what my ring size? 

Check our ring sizing tool on this PDF. It’s super easy! 


I lost/ damaged one of my pieces? 

Get in touch with us asap if you’ve damaged a piece and we’ll do our best to fix it! Email us at 

If you’ve lost a piece and can prove that you’ve bought it from us before, we can offer you a 12% discount on your replacement purchase. 

How do you make the jewelry? 

All our jewelry is handcrafted in Dubai at our partner workshop under fair conditions and by expert goldsmiths and silversmiths whose families have been in the jewelry industry for generations. 


How much do you donate through the #BeaSaint program? 

We donate 10% of profit to partner NGOs who dedicated to empowering and inspiring young women and girls to reach their full potential. We care about lifting up half of society because we think that the only way to achieve sustainable peace in the world is through democratizing access to opportunities and encouraging women to lead in business and politics and to meaningfully participate in the future of their societies.


What is Moorish Design? 

Moorish design refers to the visual arts and architecture developed by the Moors in the Western Mediterranean region for over 700 years which later moved into other parts of the world affecting design in Latin America to the West or South-East Asia to the East. Although it is commonly referred to as a variation of Islamic design, we like to emphasize that this visual language developed in connection and close interaction with Jewish communities and was also later fused, reinterpreted and reimagined by Christian ones. 


What is #MappingMoorishDesign? 

We noticed that Moorish design started in North-Africa and the Iberian Peninsula but moved all around the globe settling in chapels in Cholula Mexico or temples in Budapest, hotels in Denmark or Palaces in Dubai, so we set out to map the travel path of Moorish design and architecture and to tell the stories of how and in what historical, political and economic contest, it reached those places.


What’s the Warranty policy? 

For as long as we are running operations, we are happy to receive your pieces if they are damaged and will do our best to repair them. However, our ability to cover the cost will depend on the damage, so we encourage you to get in touch with us as soon as you notice the damage. Also, certain scratches will be impossible to remove especially on gold items as it could involve reducing from the weight and therefore the value and the design of the item. If you have any questions, please get in touch through 


How long will the delivery take? 

If your order is available in stock, your order will be shipped within 1-2 days within the UAE. 

If your order requires customization or isn’t available in stock, it will be shipped within 7 days. Delivery is subject to the availability of our shipping partners and could vary due to severe weather conditions or Coronavirus regulations. 


Can I include a personalized message if I’m shopping for a gift? 

Absolutely, you’ll have this option at check-out. 


How do I cancel my order? 

Get in touch asap through


Where can I try on the jewelry? 

We are working on this and will update the website as soon as we finalize the logistics. However, you are welcome to come visit us in our office in Dubai Design District subject to booking an appointment through 


What’s your return policy? 

You are free to return the products to our office or through Fed-Ex within 7 days of the delivery. 


Can you design an exclusive collection for private events? 

Yes, this is what gets us REALLY excited! We can design jewelry or decor items based on the architecture of special cities or sacred spaces, hotels and specific geometric patterns or colors that are meaningful to YOU or your event! If you’re interested in exploring this avenue, please 


How do I stay up to date? 

Easy! Sign up for our mailing list here. 


What do I do if what I want is out-of-stock? 

Reach out and we’ll do our best to meet your demand. 


Where do you make the jewelry? 

Our jewelry is handcrafted at our partner workshop in Dubai. Our goldsmiths and silversmiths come from a long line of craftsmen and have worked in the jewelry industry here in Dubai for decades.


How do I reach your customer service? 

Call +971545405442 or email


Why are some products so much more expensive than the others? 

Our jewelry is handcrafted using only real metals like 18kt gold or sterling silver and precious/ semi-precious stones. We wanted to take a fully democratic and transparent approach into the jewelry business and offer attainable luxury goods that can last you a lifetime! In fact, we make similar designs in excellent craftsmanship in both gold and silver pieces so that those who love the work but cannot afford the gold pieces are still able to afford the same designs in silver. We also mix metals such as in our two tone Cairo collection to bring the cost down and allow our customers to invest in ethical luxury without breaking the bank. Responsibility and morality guides our entire business model and our production and marketing process.