Our Story

Jewelry as an ambassador of peace

Moors & Saints is a fine jewelry startup incubated at Dubai Design District and offering products inspired by Moorish design and architecture.

Through each collection, Moors & Saints is mapping Moorish design from where it started in Andalusia and Morocco and how it traveled to places as far as India or Mexico showing up across a multi religious spectrum of sacred sites inspired by Alhambra, the Great Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba or the Al Qarawiyyin university to name a few. 

We are excited to take you on a fun journey exploring the history of Moorish design and explaining how it showed up in churches in Latin America, mosques in South-East Asia and synagogues in Europe... 

Our Mission

We are a socially conscious and ethical company committed to cultivating pluralism and tolerance in society and particularly dedicated to reviving the history of pluralism in the MENA region. We are committed to doing this work while empowering women, minorities, and disadvantaged communities. We partner with incredible organizations and institutions to advance the UN agenda for the sustainable development goals especially in supporting peace, gender equality and creating partnerships to advance other SDGs. More details on our impact over the last two years will be published soon here.

Our Process

Our products are handcrafted in Dubai for the global citizen with a passion for good design and social change. They are made of fine materials and wrapped in beautiful millennial pink pouches and boxes without compromising ethics and human rights. We use 18 carat gold, sterling silver along with precious and semi-precious stones. We also stay away from diamonds so we can remain completely conflict-free and mindful of our impact on those near and far. In short, we want to bring cultures and communities together through jewelry and highlight our similarities rather than our differences and we want to do it while respecting our planet, empowering our craftsmen and uplifting women's voices and stories.

Find us:

We are a small brand with big dreams and we are purely based online at the moment. If you wish to discuss a particular collection or a custom piece, please schedule a meeting with our founder and designer Chama Mechtaly.


We are not in the office at the moment due to COVID19, but please feel free to contact us on info@moorsandsaints.com