The Granada Collection

18kt gold or sterling silver with a coral

 Inspired by the Andalusian splendor of the Alhambra palace, this collection highlights one of its iconic designs, the octagonal star with the poetic mantra: There is no victor but Allah, which served to remind the Nasrid dynasty that modesty and humility are the most important qualities even when basking in success.

The Cairo Collection

Silver and 18kt gold

Inspired by a distinctly edgy pattern we found in the Alazhar mosque which was built by the Fatimids more than a thousand years ago, this piece combines two opposing triangles to form the Seal of Solomon. This symbol, known in Judaism as the Magen David or in Hinduism as the Shatkona has been widely used across Muslim spiritual sites as well. Adorned by an 18kt gold star at the center of the design, the Cairo collection is a tribute to the diversity that shaped the city and ushered it to its golden age.

The Marrakesh Collection

18kt rose gold, tourmaline and pink fresh water pearls

Inspired by the glazed cosmic zellij tiles of the Saadian Tombs, the burial site of the Saadi dynasty, this collection takes an emblematic geometric design familiar to every Moroccan artisan and paints it in the millennial pink colors of the “Pearl of the South” combining traditional craftsmanship and our obsession with the colors of Marrakesh. The city flourished under the Saadi dynasty after Ahmad Al Mansour adopted it as the new capital of Morocco.

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