Here's why these women inspired us tremendously in the last year:

Women are magical beings who can heal, nurture and love unconditionally all while leading nations, igniting social movements and fighting the spread of pandemics effectively with a combination of science and compassion. Below is a sample of the women who have inspired us from March 2020 to March 2021 to keep fighting for a just world and to forever use our voices to empower and uplift the marginalized. Happy International Women's day to them and to you! 

Jacinda Acern: When she led by example and contained the Coronavirus spread in New Zealand very fast demonstrating that women are the best responders to global crises. 

RBG: When she inspired the whole world with her strength and determination as she battled cancer. We will miss her. 

Stacey Abrams: When she got the Black vote to an all-time high, turned Georgia into a blue democratic state and helped restore democracy and peace at the White House. 

Amanda Gorman: When she healed a divided and grieving nation with her beautiful words addressing the nation at the inauguration in January. 

Deepa Iyer: When she empowered all of us to map out our roles in the revolution and in movements of social change. She kept us sane, inspired and focused on the long term struggle for equity and justice. 

Marie Forleo: When she stepped up to recognize how she didn’t use her platform in the past to highlight intersectional voices and minority Black women like she could and would have wanted to, and she worked actively and tirelessly to reverse that pattern even as she battled excruciating pain in her abdomen and a hysterectomy. 

AOC: When she opened up about surviving sexual assault and explained how trauma can be triggered by instances of violence and demanded accountability because survivors of assault should not be told to move on without holding abusers accountable. 

Evan Rachel Woods: When she exposed Marylin Manson for abusing her and many other women and for her continued fight to bring more justice to this world. 

Selena Gomez: When she used her social platform to amplify Black voices and teach anti-racism to millions of followers following the murder of George Floyd & the Black Lives Matter movement protests in May and June 2020. 

The determined Sheikhas and Princesses from the Gulf who are actively working to rebuild peace, trust and unity between the GCC countries and convey a strong message of togetherness following the challenges of a pandemic and a diplomatic crisis. 

KK Shailaja: When the health minister of Kerala showed tactical brilliance and leadership in the face of a global pandemic and contained the virus so well that she was nicknamed the “coronavirus slayer” and the “rockstar health minister”

Kamala Harris: When she held her great nieces’ hands as she stepped into the White House as the first woman Vice President of America, all while wearing white to pay tribute to the suffragists who paved the way for women and fought for the right to vote.  

We are also inspired by all the mothers who have had to work even harder and more tirelessly through the pandemic as well as by the women front line workers risking their lives to ensure the safety and well-being of others. You are all magical and we appreciate you! 

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